Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Hot! Hot! Hot!
This tutorial was written by Jenny on 6-22-2012. Resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional. I am using the licensed artwork of Vermany. You need a license to use this artwork. I am licensed to this tube through PicsForDesign(PFD). It is an Exclusive tube.

Supplies Needed:
1 tube of choice
Scrapkit of choice
(I'm using a FTU kit "Summer Heat" by Topcat Tagz HERE)
Hot Hot Hot template by Tamie HERE
WSL_Mask260 by Weescotslass
Font of choice (I'm using BickhamScriptFancy2)

Open template, hide credits, shift d to duplicate, close original.

Starting from the bottom and working upward:

New raster layer, select with magic wand, copy & paste paper of choice into selection, apply mask, select none (I duplicated my mask layer several times).

At this point you may want to enlarge your canvas to 800 x 800 just so you can have more working space, we'll crop down later.

Copy & Paste element5 as a new layer, flip it, place at the top right,see my tag, duplicate,mirror.

Add element3, you may want to resize a little, place next to the duplicated layer from above,see my tag.

Select raster11, selections, select all, float,defloat, copy & paste paper13 as a new layer, selections,invert, delete,select none, hide original.

Select raster4, repeat above step using paper16.

Select raster9, repeat above using paper10.

Select copy of raster9, repeat using paper1.

Select raster10, repeat using paper7.

on raster6, selections, select all,float,defloat,new raster layer,flood fill with color of choice, select none, hide original. Add noise if you'd like.

Add element4, resize if needed, see my tag for placement (lower right corner).

Add element45 and place to your liking.

Go back to raster9, select all,float, defloat, select the new layer, copy & paste tube as a new layer, position to your liking, selections, invert, delete, select none,drop opacity to 50%.

Repeat this step on the copy of raster 9 layer using a different section of the tube.

Now back to element45 layer.....

Move the first tube above this layer.

Add the sun, resize to your liking, see my tag for placement.

the second tube should be above the sun layer in your layer palette.

Now add your main tube, resize if needed, place to your liking, add drop shadow.

Move the new raster6 (flame layer) to this point.

Raster3,selections,select all,float,defloat,copy & paste a paper of choice as a new layer, selections, invert, delete,select none, hide original, back to the new layer, selections, select all,float, defloat, modify, expand 2, new raster layer, flood fill black, move below, select none, add drop shadow.

Add the sand and place to your liking.

Add element5 again, see my tag for placement.

Do the same thing to the rest of the "hot" layers as you did to the previous one. Same goes with the rest of the flames.

Add palm tree, resize if needed, place to your liking or see my tag for placement.

Add pineapples and place next to the tree.

Add the sandcastle, resize if needed, place to the lower right (see my tag).

Add shells, sunglasses, beads or any other accessories you'd like to add.

Now is time to crop or resize your tag.

Add copyright/licensing info and you're text and you're now ready to save.
Don't forget to save a blank one in case you want to use it again later!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. Please be sure to vote for me at 1Award (you can find the link over to the right and scroll down a bit).
Feel free to leave some love in my C-Box. I'd love to see your results.


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