Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blue Frost

Blue Frost
This tutorial was written by Jenny on 11-24-2011. Resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional. I am using the licensed artwork of Zindy S. D. Nielsen.
You need a license to use her artwork. Visit her store by clicking on her name above.

Supplies Needed:
1 tube or image of choice
Scrapkit of choice (I'm using Freebie Blue Christmas by Nanly Designe)
DBV Mask 110 by Designs by Vaybs
Font of choice (I'm using Kosal says hy)

Animation Shop & Xenofex2 Constellation (optional)

Open new canvas 600 x 600, flood fill white.

New raster layer, select with magic wand, copy & paste Paper04 into selection, select none, apply mask, duplicate, merge the 2 mask layers visible.

Copy & Paste element 39 as a new layer, resize 50% then again 58%, add slight drop shadow.

Copy & Paste tube or image as a new layer, move below frame, resize if needed, use selection tool to select around the frame, selections, invert, delete on tube layer, select none.

Copy & Paste element 17 as a new layer, move below frame and tube layer, resize 50% then again 55%, add slight drop shadow.

Repeat with element 38, see my tag for placement.

Add element 25, resize to your liking, place accordingly, duplicate, image, flip.

Now on top of the frame layer.......

Add snowflake (element13), resize to your liking, duplicate once, resize 65% move upward onto the frame, duplicate, resize 65%, duplicate twice and arrange to your liking.

Add bead (element07), resize to your liking and place next to the first snowflake.

Add copyright info.

If you're not animating then add your text and you're ready to save.

If you want to animate then select mask layer, add Xenofex2 Constellation with these settings:
(feel free to play around with the settings)
keep original
random seed 1

Copy merged and paste in Animation Shop.
Back to PSP, undo, apply Constellation again with same settings except click the random seed button once, copy merged and paste after in Animation Shop.

Repeat again changing only the random seed.

You should now have 3 layers in Animation Shop.
Select all, frame properties, play around with the settings until you find one you like. I usually use around 12-15 depending.

To add your name, simply go back to PSP and get it ready, cut, paste as a new layer in Animation, cut, select all frames of your tag, propagate paste, paste name layer into selected frame.

Now you're ready to save as a gif.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. I'd love to see your results.
Don't forget to drop by my C-Box and leave some love, it's greatly appreciated!


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