Sunday, February 20, 2011


This tutorial was written by Jenny on 2/21/11. Resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional. I am using the artwork of Marlon Teunissen. You need a license to use her artwork. I am licensed through MyTagArt.
You can now purchase her tubes at Creative Design Outlet.

Supplies Needed:
1 tube of choice
Scrapkit of choice (I'm using With a Little Luck FTU by Miggins Does Scrapsville)
cm-stpatsmask by Vicky HERE
ShamrockSet2004-2005 and GreenIrishRose both from Rainbow Coffi
Font of choice (I'm using SassyFrass ROB)

Open a new canvas 600 x 600 and flood fill white.

New raster layer, select with magic wand, copy & paste paper2 into selection, select none, apply mask, add light noise.

Copy & Paste emb6 (doodle frame) as a new layer, resize 65%.

Copy & Paste paper3 as a new layer, resize 50%, move below frame.

Copy & Paste tube as a new layer, resize if needed, place below frame but above paper, use selection tool to select the top portion of the head if you want it to stick out from the frame, right click, promote selection to layer, move to top, select none.

Use magic wand to select inside frame, selections, modify, expand 5, selections, invert, delete on paper layer, delete on original tube layer, select none. Add drop shadow to frame.

Copy & Paste rainbow as a new layer, resize to your liking, place above mask layer, see my tag for exact placement.

Copy & Paste Top hat as a new layer, place top layer, bottom left of frame, resize to your liking, add drop shadow.

Copy & Paste GreenIrishRose as a new layer, resize 50%, free rotate 25 degrees right, resize 85%, adjust, sharpen, place on hat.

Add some of the clovers and blooms from the ShamrockSet and place around bottom of hat to your liking.

Resize canvas.

Add copyright info and text and you're now ready to save.

Hope you enjoyed this tut. Please leave some love in my C-Box!


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  1. beautifull tag hun..thank you so much for using some of my work..xxxx
    i have put the tag and a link in a post on my blog,...

    hugs Miggs