Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Page From A Book

Page From A Book

This tutorial was written by Jenny on 8-18-2009. Resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional. I am using the artwork of Suzanne Woolcott. You need a license to use her artwork. You can purchase her tubes/packages HERE.

Supplies Needed:
1 Tube of choice
Scrapkit of choice OR Summer Morning FTU Scrapkit by KatNKDA
Mask of choice (I'm using one by Becky)
Font of choice (I'm using Box Font Negative)

Open a new canvas 500 x 500. Flood fill white.
New raster layer, select with magic wand, copy & paste Paper06 into selection, select none, apply mask.

Copy & Paste element09 (brown frame) as a new layer, resize 65%, add drop shadow.

Copy & Paste paper14 as a new layer, move below frame, select inside frame with magic wand, modify,expand6, invert, delete on paper layer, select none.

Copy & Paste tube of choice, resize to your liking, you can place above or below the frame, whichever looks best with the tube you're using, add drop shadow to tube.

Copy & Paste element18 (doodle) as a new layer, place above the mask layer, resize 65%, move over to the left just a bit, duplicate, mirror, bring back over to the left a bit.

Copy & Paste element17 as a new layer, resize 50%, flip, place toward bottom left of the frame, see my tag, add drop shadow, duplicate, mirror, flip.

Copy & Paste element02 as a new layer, resize 50% then again 65%, place ontop of element 17 bottom left of the frame, add drop shadow, duplicate,mirror, flip.

Copy & Paste element25 (button ribbon) as a new layer, resize to your liking, add drop shadow, place on top of the flowers- bottom left of frame.

Copy & Paste element10 as a new layer, resize 50%, move below all other layers until you are sitting on top of the frame, position it over the frame then you may want to use the eraser tool to get rid of the strays over to the right.

Copy & Paste element01 as a new layer, resize 65%, add drop shadow, this should be the very top layer, move toward the bottom, duplicate, mirror, flip, see my tag for arrangement.

Add copyright info and text and you are done. Hooray!

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