Thursday, May 14, 2009

Up Up And Away

Up Up and Away

This tutorial was written by Jenny on 5-14-2009. Resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional. I am using the artwork of Suzanne Woolcott. I purchased these tubes through AMI. You can now purchase her tubes HERE.

Supplies Needed:
3 tubes of choice from the same artist
Twilight Springs Eternal PTU kit by Oopsie-Daisy
WSL_Mask223 by Weescotslass
2 fonts of choice ( I used Pea Alicia Script and Pea Angedawn)
MuRa's Meister Copies (optional)

Open a new canvas 650 x 550 (we'll resize later). Flood fill white.
New raster layer, select with magic wand, copy & paste paper of choice into layer, select none, apply mask layer.

Type out your text and place in the center of the canvas, add drop shadow and apply MuRa's Meister Copies Tiling with these settings:
Number: 1
Shift X: 50
Shift Y: 50
Angle: 0
Rotation: 0
Attenuation: 0
Scale: 100
Tile Gap: 0
Thru BG Range: 0
Fade Out: 0

Merge the mask layer and text layer together (only).

Copy & Paste butterflies, resize to your liking, add drop shadow, place to your liking.

Copy & Paste wire clouds, resize 50% then again 65%, select inside with magic wand, selections,modify, expand 1, new raster layer, flood fill white, move below cloud layer, select none, add drop shadow to the clouds, merge the clouds and flood fill only visible.

Copy & Paste air balloon as a new layer, image, mirror, resize 50% then again 70%, add drop shadow, place in the upper right corner.

Copy & Paste tube of choice, resize enough so that it fits inside the balloon, ad drop shadow.

Copy & Paste rainbow as a new layer, place below cloud layer, mirror, resize if you'd like.

Copy & Paste bridge as a new layer, resize 70%, add drop shadow, place toward the bottom of the canvas.

Copy & Paste flowers of choice, resize to your liking and place on both sides of the bridge, add drop shadow.

Copy & Paste water fountain as a new layer, resize to your liking and place on the right of the bridge, add drop shadow.

Copy and Paste tube of choice as a new layer, resize if needed and place on top of the bridge layer, add drop shadow.

Open kite string, rotate clockwise 90, add drop shadow and see my tag for placement.

Copy & Paste frame1 as a new layer, resize 50% then again 65%, copy and paste paper of choice and tube of choice as a new layer, move both below frame, resize if needed, use selection tool to get rid of any excess sticking out from the frame, add drop shadow to tube and frame, merge these 3 layers visible, free rotate 15 degrees left, place on the bridge.

Resize if you'd like. I resize to around 85%. Add copyright info and text and you're done.

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