Sunday, May 31, 2009

Feeling Alien-ated

Feeling Alien-ated

This tutorial was written by Jenny on 5-31-2009. Resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional. I am using the artwork of Chrissy Clark. You need a license to use her artwork. I have a license through Artistic Minds Inc.
You can now purchase her tubes at Creative Design Outlet.
This tutorial is animated but due to the blog preview the animation does not show.

Supplies Needed:
1 Tube of choice
We are Outta Space PTU Scrapkit by Creative Intentionz
Mask of choice (I'm using Becky_Mask019)
to my knowledge Becky's site no longer exists, if anyone knows other wise please let me know and I'll link her up.
Font of choice (I'm using FB Soup)
Animation Shop (optional)
Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Constellation (optional)

Open a new canvas 600 x 600. Flood fill white.

New Raster Layer, select with magic wand, copy & paste Paper6 into selection,select none, apply mask,duplicate.

Open Paper5 and place it in your foreground pattern palette.

Using preset shape ellipse with the below settings, draw out a circle.
Width 20 (click preview for more details)

Convert to Raster Layer, rename frame.

Copy & Paste Paper20 as a new layer, resize 75%, use the magic wand to select inside the frame, selections,modify 10, selections, invert,delete on the paper layer,select none, hide all layers except frame and paper, merge those two layers together, unhide the other layers.

Copy & Paste Planet03 as a new layer, resize 50% then again 75%, add drop shadow,see my tag for placement.

Copy & Paste Journal Tag of choice, resize to your liking, free rotate 15 degrees right, see my tag for placement. You can scribble whatever you want on the Journal Tag.

Copy & Paste Space Ship of choice as a new layer, add drop shadow, resize 75%, move to bottom of frame, at this point you may want to move the frame upward a little bit.

Copy & Paste tube, resize if needed, place ontop of space ship, add drop shadow.

Copy & Paste aliens of choice,resize,add drop shadow and place to your liking.

Resize the canvas if you want. Add copyright info and text and you're done unless you want to animate.........

I animated the mask layer by doing the following:

Merge the 2 mask layers together, do not merge any of the other layers.

On the mask layer, effects, Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Constellation with these settings:
(2, 50, 60,0,100,25)
You can click the preview below to see more details.

Next copy merged and paste as a new animation in animation shop.
Go back to PSP, undo, redo changing the Random seed, copy merged,paste after in animation shop, repeat changing the random again for a total of 3 layers.
Animation, animation properties, Opaque, white, save as gif and you're done.

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