Saturday, May 9, 2009

Congrats Grads

Congrats Grads


This tutorial was written by Jenny on 5-9-2009. Resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional. I am using the artwork of Lacy Clagg. You need a license to use her artwork. I am licensed to this image through LCTS. You can now purchase her tubes at Creative Design Outlet. This tutorial is animated so to get the complete effect you may need to click on my tag. Animation doesn't show in the preview.

Supplies Needed:
LilGrad Tubes by Lacy Clagg
I am a Modern Girl FTU Scrap by Bluedream Designs
Glitter Sheets by Missy
JB Template 0020 by Juicy Bits
Font of choice (I'm using Prissy Frat Boy)
Animation Shop

Open Template, close off copyright layer, shift d, close original template.
Flood fill the blue background layer with white.

On each layer of the template you are going to do the following, one layer at a time:
Select a layer using magic wand

Copy and Paste a different paper of choice, paste as a new layer, resize by 65%, selections,invert,delete on each paper layer, select none and close off each original template layer.

See my tag for each layer you'll need covered with paper.

On the paint splatter layers:

Open the glitter of choice by Missy, back on the paint splatter, select all, float, defloat, copy and paste the glitter, selections, invert,delete, select none.

Copy and Paste the close up of the LilGrad as a new layer, resize 65%, move below frame layer, use selection tool to cut off excess tube.

Copy and Paste LilGrad making her speech, resize to your liking, place to the right of the canvas, add drop shadow.

Copy and Paste Phone as a new layer, resize 55 or 65%, use magic wand select inside black area of the phone, Copy and Paste Paper of choice as a new layer, resize 55%, selections, invert,delete, add text, merge text and paper layer together.

Select inside the Phone again with your magic wand, repeating the step above but adding a tube instead of text. You can do as many layers as you want. For this tutorial I did 3 layers inside the phone so if you're following me you should now have 3 layers above your phone.

Resize the entire tag if you want to. Add copyright info and text.

Now back at the phone layer, free rotate 15 degrees left, you'll also need to do that for each of the layers inside the phone, you may have to move them a bit to get them back to were they are needed.

Now close off the 2nd & 3rd layers of the phone, open animation shop, copy merged and paste as a new animation.

Back at PSP, close the first layer, open 2nd, copy merged and paste after in animation.

Repeat for layer 3.

In animation shop you should now have 3 layers, select all, animation, frame properties, 95.

With all selected still, animation, animation properties, Opaque, white, save as gif and you're done.

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