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This tutorial was written by Jenny on 4-14-2009. Resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional. I am using the artwork of Chrissy Clark. I have a license through Artistic Minds Inc. to use her work. You can now purchase her tubes at Creative Design Outlet.

Supplies Needed:
Chrissy Clark's Alice Fairy tube (or another tube of choice)
Wonderland Scrapkit by Urban Fairy Tales
WSL_Mask84 by Weescotslass
Font of choice (I'm using FB Punkypie)
Animation Shop (optional)
dsb flux bright noise (optional)

* I don't like how my tag looked after it was animated so I'm also displaying the unanimated version below. Having issues with animation shop lol. Click on the tag to get the full effect.

Open a new canvas 500 x 450. Flood fill white.

New raster layer, using your magic wand, select inside that layer, copy and paste wonderland chess into layer,select none.

Apply mask.
Copy and Paste wonderlandcupbrush as a new layer, resize 85%, see my tag for placement, duplicate,image,mirror,flip.

Copy and Paste textured frame as a new layer, resize by 85%,add drop shadow.

Copy and Paste the background that comes with the tube as a new layer, move below frame.

Copy and Paste the love heart as a new layer, resize to your liking, place in the upper left corner of the frame, add drop shadow.

Copy and Paste the crown as a new layer, place above the love heart, see my tag, add drop shadow.

Copy and paste silver ribbon as a new layer, add drop shadow, flip and place at the bottom of the frame.

Copy and Paste tube as a new layer, resize just a bit and place to the right of the frame, add drop shadow.

Add copyright info and text ....do NOT merge yet if you want to animate.....

Use your magic wand and select inside the crown, effects,plugins,dsb flux, bright noise with these settings:

Intensity 30
Direction Mix

Copy merged and paste over in animation shop. Go back to psp, undo noise, with the crown still selected, apply again changing the Intensity to 25 , copy merged and paste after in animation shop.

Do the above step one more time, changing the Intensity to 40

Save as a gif and you are done. If you'd rather not animate then just skip the above steps.



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