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This tutorial was written by Jenny on 3-8-2009. Resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional. I am using the artwork of Lacy Clagg. I have a license through AMI to use this tube. You can now purchase her tubes at Creative Design Outlet.

Supplies Needed:

Image of choice

Rhapsody in Blue PTU Scrapkit by Baby Cakes Scraps

Mask of choice

2 Fonts (I'm using TKDoodle for Dream and The NautiGal ROB for the name)

Open a new canvas 600 x 600. We'll resize later. Flood fill white.

Apply mask of choice.

Copy and paste swirl stars as a new layer, resize to 60%, add drop shadow.

Copy and paste glitter swirl denim as a new layer,resize to 60%,add drop shadow,duplicate,mirror.

Copy and paste pearl spray as a new layer,flip,resize to about 65%, add drop shadow, duplicate,mirror,flip.

Copy and paste written paper as a new layer, resize by 50%,add drop shadow,image, free rotate 16 degrees.

Copy and paste worn paper as a new layer,resize by 50%,resize again by 70%,add drop shadow.

Copy and paste painted flower as a new layer,resize to about 75%, add drop shadow and place to the upper right of the canvas.

Copy and paste ribbon frame 2 as a new layer, add drop shadow.

Copy and paste image of choice as a new layer, resize if needed, place below frame layer.

Copy and paste beads as a new layer, resize, place toward bottom of the frame,add drop shadow, duplicate,flip.

Copy and paste rose as a new layer, resize,add drop shadow and place toward bottom right corner of frame.

Copy and paste birdcage as a new layer, resize, add drop shadow, place to the left bottom of the frame.

Now add your copyright info and text.

For my text I did Dream using TKDoodle, I typed it out using the darker blue from the kit, converted to layer,selections,select all, float,defloat,modify,3,new layer, flood fill with light blue from the kit,select none and move the fill below,add drop shadow.

Then I used TheNautiGal ROB for the name and rotated it just a bit.

Hope you enjoyed this tut. I'd love to see your results.


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