Friday, February 20, 2009

Shamrock Land

Shamrock Land

This tutorial was written by Jenny on 2-20-2009. Resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional. I am using the artwork of Amanda Fontaine. You need a license to use here artwork. I have a license through Artistic Minds Inc. You can now purchase her tubes HERE.

Supplies Needed:
2 Tubes of choice
Irish Charm FTU Scrapkit by Bluedream Designs
Mask of choice (I'm using one by Becky)
Font of choice (I'm using Susie's Hand)

Open a new canvas 550 x 550. Flood fill white.
Using your choice of paper from the kit, apply mask layer.

Copy and Paste frame 4 as a new layer, resize by 65%, add drop shadow.

Copy and paste paper of choice as a new layer. Using the magic wand, click inside the frame,selections,modify,7,selections,invert,while on the paper layer hit delete on your keyboard,Keep selected and copy and paste close up tube as a new layer, resize if needed, hit delete again,selections,select none, make sure paper layer is below frame and tube layer is above paper, add drop shadow to tube.

On the tube layer drop the opacity to around 60%.

Copy and paste button of choice,resize to 50% 2x's,add drop shadow.
Copy and paste another button of choice,resize to 50% 2 x's and again by 75%, place to your liking or see my tag for placement.

Copy and paste Large Bow of choice,resize,add drop shadow, move to the right side of the frame.

Copy and paste hat of choice,resize,add drop shadow and move to the left of the frame.

Copy and paste tube as a new layer, keeping above the hat layer,resize if needed,add drop shadow.

Copy and paste bling shamrock as a new layer,add drop shadow, move below paper layer but above mask layer keeping it so that the shamrock is sticking out from the frame (see my tag),duplicate,mirror.

Copy and paste flower of choice,add drop shadow, resize if needed, place below bling shamrock layer, duplicate,image,mirror,flip.

Merge visable.

Add copyright info.

Add Text and you're done.

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