Saturday, November 15, 2008

Playing for Keeps


Playing for Keeps
I'm not pleased with having to use thumbnails so I'm going to try it this way from now on. I hope you all are able to see these better as they have been made to fit the screen. Remember when I'm making a tag I usually always start out with 600x600 and sometimes I will resize by 85%. Of course you can do them however you like.

This tutorial was written by Jenny on 11-15-2008. Resemblance to any tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional. I am using the artwork of Kenny Kiernan for this tutorial. I am licensed through Artistic Minds Inc. Please check his site above for more licensing info.

Supplies Needed:
1 tube of choice
Keepsake FTU scrapkit by Kirstys Scraps
Font of choice (I am using Glider Girls)

Copy and Paste a paper of choice as a new layer, resize,add drop shadow.
Copy and Paste another paper of choice as a new layer,resize,add drop shadow,free rotate, right 5 degrees.
Copy and Paste frame of choice as a new layer,resize if needed,add drop shadow and place in the center of your canvas.
Copy and paste Glitter as a new layer and move below the frame layer, use your magic wand to click inside the frame and remove any excess glitter.
Copy and paste flower, resize, add drop shadow, move to the right side corner of the frame, see my tag for placement.
Now you can copy and paste your choice of leaves and flowers, resize, rotate if needed, add a drop shadow and place them altogether to the left side of the frame.
Copy and paste eyelet, resize,add drop shadow,rotate to your liking and place so that it looks as though the frame and papers are tied together at the top right corner.
Copy and paste the heart with ribbon (labeled in scrapkit as keepsake tag 2) as a new layer,resize,add drop shadow and place above your leaves and flowers.
Copy and paste Doodle 1 as a new layer,resize,add drop shadow,see my tag for placement.
Copy and paste tube as a new layer and place above the other items, see tag for placement. Resize tube to your liking,add drop shadow.
Copy and paste strand of diamond hearts as a new layer,resize,add drop shadow and place to the right of your tag.
At this point you can resize if you want to.
Add copyright info, text and you're done.
thanks for trying my tutorial.

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