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This tutorial was written by Jenny on June 1, 2008. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is unintentional and purely coincidental. I am using the amazing artwork of Suzanne Woolcott for this tut. You will need a license to use her work. I purchased mine through AMI. You will now have to purchase them HERE.

*please note that my tutorials are not to be sold,copied or profited from in any way.
Supplies you will need:

(no supplies included for this tut)
Suzanne Woolcott Fairy Tube or Tube of your choice
Photo of choice (I am using one of my own, you can find it at http://www.jennyzdreamz.blogspot.com/ )
Mask of choice (I am using one by Becky)
Frame of choice (The one I'm using is from Yvette's So Stripey you can find it HERE )
Font of choice ( I am using SP Purkalator, not included)

This tut is fairly simple. If you have a working knowledge of PSP then it should be a snap.

Open up blank 650x550 canvas. Flood Fill White

New Raster Layer and flood fill with a color that compliments your tube.

Apply Mask, merge down

Copy and paster frame as a new layer. Using your magic wand, select inside the frame, selections, modify,expand by 4.

Copy and paste the photo as a new layer (resize as desired),move below frame layer, selections, invert, delete.

Select your frame and add a drop shadow of choice (I used 2,2,60,5), merge down.

Copy and paste tube as a new layer and add a drop shadow of choice.

Resize if needed. At this time you can also resize the entire tag if desired. Merge visible, add copyright info and your desired text.

Tada you're done! I'd love to see your results!


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