Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gothic Confusion

Gothic Confusion

This tutorial was written by Jenny on Sept. 28,2008. Resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional. I am using the artwork of Lacy Clagg. You need a license to use her artwork. I am licensed to this image through LCTS. You can now purchase her tubes at Creative Design Outlet. This tut is named after the wonderful scrapkit Gothic Confusion by Bluedream Designs.

*please note that my tutorials are not to be sold,copied or profited from in any way.

Supplies Needed:

Lacy Clagg's Breeze Tubes

Gothic Confusion FTU Scrapkit by Bluedream Designs (thanks for such a great kit!)

Font of choice (I used Elise)

Animation Shop (optional)

Open a new canvas 600 x 600. Flood fill white.

Copy and paste BD-Gothic confusion Paper-11 as a new layer, resize, add drop shadow.

Copy and paste BD-Gothic confusion Paper-08 as a new layer, resize,add drop shadow, image,rotate,free rotate 15 degrees left.

Copy and paste BD-Gothic confusion Paper-6 as a new layer, drop shadow,image,rotate,free rotate 15 degrees right.

Copy and paste BD-Gothic confusion-Frame 1 as a new layer, resize, add a drop shadow.

Copy and paste BD-Gothic Confusion Paper-9 as a new layer, move below frame, resize, use your magic wand and click inside the frame, selections,modify,5, selections invert,with the paper layer selected, delete.

Use the same method with the raindrops. See my tag for placement.

Copy and paste the close up image of Breeze, resize if needed,add drop shadow, place it in one side of the frame, keep it above the raindrop layer but below the frame layer.

Copy and paste a couple of the gems and place to liking. Copy and paste the eyelet ribbon, see tag for placement. Copy and paste cross charm of choice and place below the eyelet ribbon layer.

Copy and paste candles of choice as a new layer, keep above frame layer,resize if needed. Copy and paste the laying down tube of Breeze above the candle layers, add drop shadow.

Add copyright layer and you're done, unless you want to animate the candles. If you want to do that then here is how:

Open animation shop. Back at psp select the first candle, use your warp brush and barely touch the flame going upward. Do this on the second candle also. Copy merged and paste into animation shop. Go back to psp, use the warp brush again this time going upward a little further on both layers, copy merged and paste after current layer in animation. Repeat again. You should have 3 layers now and your tag should now show up with animated flames.

I would love to see your results!

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