Tuesday, November 4, 2008

By Any Other Name

By Any Other Name

This tutorial was written by Jenny on July 7,2008. Any similarities to any other tuts is purely coincidental and unintentional. I used the beautiful artwork of Angelique Field. You can find her at several places. You can find her tubes at signatureangel.deviantart.com, and her scraps also at http://www.digitalembellishments.blogspot.com/ . The scrapkit I am using is a freebie called Vintage Romance from Simply Sensational Scraps.

*Thanks Angelique for naming this tut*

*please note that my tutorials are not to be sold,copied or profited from in any way.

Supplies Needed:

2 Tubes of choice
(you can find the ones I used at signatureangel.deviantart.com)
Scrapkit of choice (the one I used is a freebie from Simply Sensational Scraps)
Font of choice (I used AL Verdigris, not supplied)
Mask of choice.

I'm going to keep this one fairly easy.

Open a new canvas 600x600 (you can resize later)

Flood fill white. Add new raster layer and using your magic wand select that layer. Copy and paste one of the papers into that layer, selections,select none. Apply your mask. Copy and paste envelopeframe3 as a new layer, resize as needed, add a drop shadow. Copy and paste a paper of choice and move below the frame, crop off any excess paper. Copy and paste close up of ella, resize, move below frame but above paper(see my example above). Merge envelopeframe3,closeup of ella and paper together. Copy and paste frame4 as a new layer, resize, add drop shadow, move below all layers but keep above mask layer. Using your magic wand select inside frame 4, selections, modify by 3. Copy and paste paper of choice as a new layer and move below frame4, selections invert and delete. Merge frame4 and the paper together. Copy and paste vintagebook as a new layer, resize, move below all layers and keep above mask layer, add drop shadow, move up a bit to the top (see my tag above). Add flowers as you desire (see my tag for examples), add drop shadow. Add your tube and move to the top of all layers, resize as needed,add drop shadow. Add your copyright info and now you're done!

I would love to see your results! Thanks for trying my tut!

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