Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All Aboard

All Aboard

This tutorial was written by Jenny on 8-6-08. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional. I am using my own photos for this tut. These particular photos were previously for free at my blog, JennyzDreamz. If you're interested in licensing my photography for sig tag usage please contact me at the email address to the right.

*please note that my tutorials are not to be sold,copied or profited from in any way.

Supplies you will need:

2 Photos of choice
Scrapkit of choice
( I am using a PTU scrapkit for this tut, it is called NO.10 Express Kit and it can be purchased at Digital Embellishments)
Mask of choice ( I'm using one by Becky but any mask will work)
2 Fonts of choice ( I am using MarkerFeltThin and Penman Script)
MuRa's Meister Copies Plugin (optional)

On to the tut:
Open a new canvas 650x550 (you can resize later). Flood fill white. Using two colors that compliment your kit, make a gradient. New Raster Layer and flood fill with that gradient. Apply your mask layer.
Copy and paste your zig zag swatch and resize as needed, add a subtle drop shadow and rotate right 15. Copy and paste another zig zag swatch as a new layer, resize as needed, add a subtle drop shadow and rotate left 15. Copy and paste frame of choice as a new layer, resize as needed. Copy and paste photo of choice as a new layer, resize and move under the frame. Add a subtle drop shadow to the frame. Merge the frame and photo together. Copy and paste eyelets,buttons,ribbons of choice and place to your liking, add a subtle drop shadow.
Open your 2nd photo and resize (view my example above), add a 4 white border, copy and paste as a new layer into your working canvas. Resize again if needed. Duplicate, on your first layer rotate right 15, on your bottom layer you may want to rotate just a bit, apply MuRa's Meister Copies AfterImage (Rotate Random). Place everything to your liking, add your copyright info, at this time you can resize if needed. Add the text of your choice and

You're finished. Thanks for trying my tut. I would love to see your results.

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